A screenshot of my creative portfolio. Meta.

This is my creative portfolio. I built this as a catalog of personal growth. It’s running atop the same CMS I built for The Missing Quests.


I want to display a timeline of my creative work elegantly. It’s growth-focused—I’m still early in my creative career, so you should consider the timeline (and the inclusion of some entries from high school) as a way of depicting change. Sure, this isn’t the most complete or well-polished portfolio out there, but I’m proud of it.

Missing Content

Sadly, there’s a decent chunk of missing content from my portfolio, and it’s a material amount of my design skill. My design work from 2014-2018 primarily focused on internal tooling, where I did both design and full-stack implementation of internal web tools. (You can see hints of more detail on my resume.) I’m unable to share most of this work, but I’ve done my best to share a lot of recent and related side projects instead.

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