Fahrenheit 451: A fake movie poster, for a fake movie.

This is a fictional movie poster for Fahrenheit 451, which I made for an extra credit assignment for an English class. The task was to make some piece of art related to the content we covered during the year. The choice of quotes and character casting was a strategic decision to play to the political views of the teacher—an attempt to seek out a better grade.

This work comes from my era of constant disappointment, where my creative skill didn’t match my taste. It’s not outstanding work, but this posted one of my first examples of ground-up graphic design. I recall spending far too long tweaking the flame effect in “451”, and on finding the right face for the credits print at the bottom. The flames are somewhat okay, but none of the other type decisions hold up today.

In the end, I don’t think I even got full credit on this assignment—the teacher told me she didn’t believe that I made this on my own.

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