The back of my custom field notes, with my sticker to cover the Abercrombie logo.

Quite possibly, my favorite daily-use things are Field Notes notebooks—friends and family know how much I obsess over these. I wanted to do something unique and “Alex”-like as a gift while avoiding just off-the-shelf things. By happenstance, I caught fifty of these in a clearance sale at Abercrombie, and I had the idea to give them away as gifts.

The modifications

Because the volume of my Christmas gifts was too low to make anything genuinely custom, I decided to modify these notebooks. The notebooks are Abercrombie branded on the back, so I made a sticker to cover up the logo. I also designed a business-card sized insert that was my own “back cover” text, which I designed to fit the Field Notes brand identity. I even included some usual staples, like my practical applications and specifications custom to my "edition." I packaged these up and sealed them with my wax seal, which was an unexpected hit.

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