A screenshot of my single-serving website, Is the 737 MAX still grounded?.

Is the 737 MAX still grounded? is a quick single-purpose website that I made. It’s much in the same vein of other single-serving question websites, like “Is California on fire?”, “Is AirPower Out Yet?”, or “Are Publix Chicken Tenders on Sale?”.

Quick execution was the goal here.

My goal for this was to be a one-day creative project—I’ve been facing a bit of creative block, so I planned to take this from concept to polished execution pretty quickly.

It’s a site built on my CMS/framework—more the CMS in a later portfolio post, as I’m almost done with its v2 iteration—so I get a lot of things for free with it, like the ability to update content without having to deploy new software. Naturally, the date is accurate, counting from when Ethiopian Airlines first grounded the 737 MAX (which there seems to be a bit of a reasonable consensus to use this date count from).

The Content

I know this site deals with a subject matter that could be taken quite heavily, so rather than be short and glib with it—many of these single-serving websites are just one word: “yes”—I chose to take a bit of an informative slant with my execution here. The intent is to be sincere and informative, not insensitive; though I do take some light jokes at Boeing and the FAA’s expense. (They need to do better.) And yes, I’ll update it when the 737 MAX is no longer grounded.

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